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Pastime Puzzle is a fantastic collection of old-fashioned puzzles at
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Pastime Puzzle is a fantastic collection of old-fashioned puzzles available at, a collection that takes jigsaw puzzle to a new dimension. This great puzzle collection combines the challenge of classic jigsaw puzzles with the confort of a PC game, where you do not have to worry about losing the pieces. This classic jigsaw puzzle pack includes fifty different games, where the only objective is to join all the pieces together. Pastime puzzle is easy to download and install. In addition to this, it is very easy to play, as it will be familiar to most gamers. It includes two puzzle modes, Classic, exactly as if you were playing around the table, and Express, with a few different features. To begin with, you have five different levels of difficulty to choose, from easy to hard, and nine boxes with puzzles. Once you have chosen a level, you select the first box, as the rest will be locked. What you have to do to start completing the puzzle is clicking on a piece, right-clicking to rotate if necessary, and drag it to the right position. You also have the option of storing some pieces in a drawer, to view only the borders, for example. Once you have completed a puzzle box, you will acces to the next one until completing a level. What is great is that as you move on puzzles become really difficult and challenging.
Puzzle graphics and sounds are great. Besides they are truly entertaining, and will surely keep you occupied for a long time.

Review summary


  • Entertaining
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Challenging


  • Trial version with some limited features
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